HelpBookingsHow do I edit a cleaning?
How do I edit a cleaning?

To edit a cleaning you need to go to the ''My cleanings'' tab, select the cleaning and click on the ''Request change'' option. You must choose whether you want to change the selected cleaning or all future cleaning.
For a single modification, you can change the duration of the cleaning as well as its date in the same week. Your employee will then receive a modification request that they will have to accept. In case of refusal, the cleaning will take place according to the parameters entered at the time of the first reservation.
If you wish to modify all future cleanings: you can modify the duration, frequency as well as the date and time of the cleaning. As in the first case, your employee must accept the modification. If your employee refuses, but you still want the change, you must terminate your current contract while respecting the notice period (see notice period) and hire a new employee using the Batwork Platform.