About Batsoft

Our vision

We believe that having an insured and declared employee should be easy. Batsoft takes on all the painstaking tasks associated with being an employer by offering simple tools that allow you manage your working relationship with your employee with ease.

Batsoft will declare and insure your employee on your behalf. Enjoy a simple working relationship.


Our Group

Batsoft is part of Batgroup: a group that provides a 360° cleaning solution to those who need it, while fighting the black market on as many fronts as possible.

Every Batgroup company offers secured and insured job opportunity to thousands of cleaning agents.

We founded Batgroup with a clear mission in mind: to bring more justice to the cleaning world, by making the fight against undeclared work our priority.

For too long, home cleaners have lacked recognition for their hard work and have suffered from the precarious working conditions of undeclared workers.

Learn more about the mission of Batgroup and its entities in offering secured and insured job opportunities to thousands of cleaning agents across Switzerland.

The companies within Batgroup:

  • Batmaid is a platform to book a cleaning service. In this organization, cleaning agents are employed by the company. Batmaid is a cleaning company offering various types of services: home cleanings, end of tenancy cleanings and office cleanings. Clients that do not wish to be an employer can avoid this status and book services through this cleaning company.

  • Batwork is a marketplace to find and recruit your cleaning employee. In parallel with Batmaid, cleaning agents can connect with private employers on Batwork. The employer can choose their employee as well as the salary they wish to offer. However, a minimum wage has been put in place with the aim of preserving adequate wages and avoiding any wrongdoing.

  • Batsoft is a platform that enables private employers to have their cleaning agents declared and insured on their behalf. They are able to manage their working relationship with their employee on their own on this platform. Batsoft enables the automatic creation, modification and termination of working contracts, the management of absences and working time, salary payments, and warnings in the case of inappropriate behaviour amongst other features. This platform offers a simple and effective management of working relations in the home cleaning sector.

Our story

After five years, the company has grown rapidly, from very few clients and 3 employees to today, more than 50,000 clients and almost 100 employees. Batmaid has always been a company known for its persistence in the fight against the black market. This fight started 6 years ago, and so far, has led us to help more than 5,000 cleaning professionals exit the black market and find declared and insured jobs.


2015: Opening of Batmaid in Lausanne and Geneva

2016: Opening of the Batmaid offices in Zürich

2017: Opening of Gotham Lausanne, the future home of the Batmaid offices in Lausanne

2017: Batmaid moved from Andreas flat to Gotham Coworking

2017: The official Luxembourg office opens up

2018: Opening of our Warsaw office for our dedicated IT department

2019: Batmaid opens offices in Ticino

2020: Batmaid Lausanne moves from Gotham to our new offices

Recent pivotal highlights:

  • July 19, 2020: Andreas Schollin-Borg, CEO of Batmaid, officially announces that Batmaid will become the employer of some cleaning agents by 01.01.2021.

  • October 8, 2020: Batmaid announces that it will become a group: Batgroup SA, divided into 3 entities to better pursue our fight against the black market.

  • January 1st 2021: Batgroup, Batmaid, Batwork and Batsoft will go live

Our core values

Teamwork: Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships.

Integrity: authenticity, honesty and transparency, that’s what we aim for.

Humility: You learn from mistakes and successes in equal measure

Curiosity: It’s your curiosity that will bring new things to the word.

Sense of service: we go the extra mile

Creativity: think out of the box and strive to be one step ahead

Hard work: Nothing is possible without hard work.

Respect: treat everyone as you would like to be treated

Key numbers

  • 50,000+ all time clients on Batmaid

  • 5,000+ agents out of the black market

  • More than 1million cleanings done through the Batmaid platform

  • Founded in 2015

  • 5 offices: Lausanne, Zürich, Lugano, Warsaw and Luxembourg

  • 100 employees

  • Customer service available in 9 languages

What kind of services does Batsoft offer

Batsoft is a fiduciary platform that allows you to digitally manage all aspects of your employer-employee relationship. With the help of your signed trust mandate, we take care of the AHV declarations and the payment of social security contributions, as well as the levying and payment of withholding tax on your behalf.

You get access to monthly salary slips for your employees, can pay salaries and fill out any forms they may need during the entire cycle of your relationship. These include standard letters of recommendation, employment certificate, warning or dismissal. We also deal with issues specific to the unemployment, family allowances and maternity related needs. Accident reporting is an integral part of our services, as is the notification and compensation of illnesses.

All these services are, of course, included in the price of our individually calculated fixed commission.


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